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Hello World!
Welcome to my site. It is my blog that I am writing for me on subjects that I find interesting, but I hope that people reading it also find it interesting and come back often enough.
Normally I would not say this, but this is not Facebook where people know me.
I am CFO of a public company (at least as of when I started this blog). Don’t expect me to discuss my company or my industry here. I do discuss it all the time, but in the proper place with the right investor relations rules being followed. I certainly will discuss CFO topics (like when I think you need to do a pre-release, and how have I done the next quarter and annual forecasts my whole career), but nothing about the company I work for. If you are looking for that, go to our website and DL the latest press releases or the IR presentations.
I also am in China about ½ the time. I have a ton of opinions about China and I can personally tell you that the air is pretty bad. So what? My Mandarin is terrible. The Chinese I can talk to are almost exclusively English speaking professionals, mainly from the greater Shanghai area. If you think I have real insights into China and what should be done there, then you are sadly mistaken. I cannot read the language. My speaking is at the fumbling level. I can work and do business there and I actually have studied the history a little. I am just not enough of a China expert to know enough to write blog entries on it. Plus, my company does a lot of business there and has many of our factories there, so bad mouthing a place that let me live and work there seems poor to me. The government there knows their problems. Most of the local government and police I have dealt with care deeply about their community. My friends and colleagues are parents that care about their kids (their one kid) and want the same thing that all parents want for their children. Go there. Look around yourself and then form an opinion.
I am Canadian. I grew up in Montreal and my French is still good. I cheer for the Habs. I have been outside of Canada for about ½ my life. I have lived in the USA (NJ, LA, KC, SF, and Portland). Singapore. And China (Shanghai). My various jobs have been high travel for quite a while. Even with that, I have never been to Africa and I have not made it to every state yet in the USA.
I am a Knight in the SCA. I like D&D. I played Eve Online for years and ran a decent sized pirate alliance in Low Sec for quite a while and Fleet Commanded 300+ fleets. I typically GM roleplaying games. I recently bought a 3D printer. I love to read. I am a CPA, CA (Chartered Accountant) and have been a public company CFO and Board member. I think I will be able to write about a variety of things and be interesting. I am writing for me but if you want me to change or improve I can take criticism well.
So thanks for coming here and I hope you enjoy what I will be writing.

Expect to see a new Finance oriented post on Tuesdays and a new General post on Thursdays.  Plus more if I have a quick topic I want to talk about.

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